Because Shoes Can’t Wear Sunscreen


It’s not news that this summer of 2015 is hotter and dryer than average. With the temperatures rising during the heat wave, smog and smoke lingering from the forest fires, and companies buying our water, Vancouverites are putting a little extra effort in staying hydrated and protected from the elements. You wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without […]

Father’s Day 2015


Father’s Day is quickly approaching us this year, and we all know your father is the pickiest person you know. That could make it difficult to shop for pops, but we have some first-hand experience here at Rowan Sky and can probably help you out with some ideas! First off, who doesn’t love a new pair […]

Free Your Feet


The American brand, Free People, has joined the Rowan Sky family and just in time for a summer filled with music festivals, beach bonfires, and days basking in the sun. Free People was created in the 1970’s targeting teenagers looking to express their style freely and over time has evolved into the store we know today […]

The weekend forecast calls for Blunt umbrellas.


Sorry to rain on your parade fellow Vancouverites, but The Weather Network ( is predicting rain for Friday night and all-day Saturday. Now its time to retrieve that faulty umbrella-that is clearly overused- from the back of your closet, and come to terms with the fact that it had to rain at some point. I […]

All (Status) Anxiety, No Remorse


What brand uses high quality products, functional design, and doesn’t cost a fortune? A brand known as Status Anxiety offers it all. This handcrafted leather goods line creates wallets and bags to suit your personal style. Status Anxiety originates from Sydney, Australia, and for the past 10 years has been promising designs that are fashion focused and design conscious – marrying functionality with unique, current […]

Current Obsession: Jelly Sandals

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The 90’s trends are coming back full force! From the rubber chokers seen on girls at Coachella, to the crop-tops in every major retailer, and even the occasional scrunchy are finding their voices in the fashion scene and must-have lists! We at Rowan Sky decided to bring back a fun, quirky, and nostalgic trend – […]

Côte&Ciel, a New Addition to the Rowan Sky Family

cote&ciel logo

We are very excited to present a new brand in our store by the name of Côte&Ciel, which literally means “coast and sky.” The Paris-based brand targets a new generation of consumers by building a bridge between fast-paced, modern and fashion-forward lifestyles with traditional design, comfort and practicality. They gain inspiration from many parts of the world, as well […]

Let’s get metallic!

circular metallic texture

As spring is -unusually- fast approaching, it’s time to change our fall/winter boots into more casual, spring shoes. One of the major upcoming trends for spring/summer 2015 is all things metallic! This style comes in all different shapes and sizes ranging from shoes, purses, skirts, trousers, and sometimes even makeup. As we are transitioning into […]

Colour Obsession Marsala: Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 12.34.01 PM

      The warm, inviting, timeless colour, MARSALA, has been named by Pantone, the world’s leading authority on colour and colour forecasting.  Named after the decadent wine, Marsala is a rich, robust colour that elicits a refined-yet-earthy mood which enriches our minds, bodies and souls.       If you like checking out online fashion news […]

Current obsession: Ai Weiwei


Hello friends, We’ve decided to start a new segment here at Rowan Sky called ” Current Obsession”. These blog posts will feature artists, trends, art events, culinary goods, and of course, fashion. Our goals for these blogs are to highlight people, things, and events that are innovative, unique, and groundbreaking. For this week we’re going […]

This smells nice!

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If you’ve stopped by our store in the last few weeks, you may have smelt a hint of rose, lotus, white jasmine, or mint leaves as soon as you walk through the door. These relaxing and enchanting smells are gently crafted by KOBO Candles. This New York based company was founded by Junko Kobori who […]

Christmas gift guide: For the man in your life


We at Rowan Sky have the perfect gift guide for that special man in your life. We understand how hectic your life can be, and shopping for your boyfriend, husband, brother, or really good friend can be exhausting and overwhelming. Don’t fear, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few gift ideas to make him […]

Wet wellies


Hey Vancouverites, our regular winter is back! While we all enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and the chilly, crisp autumn air, the rain has come back full force. Unfortunately those leather boots are not going to stand the test of time, and a good pair of wellies will help make the rain slightly more enjoyable. Fortunately, Aigle has your feet […]

Swedish by design


Tiger of Sweden has joined our family once again! The Swedish brand was originally founded in 1903 in a small town on the west coast of Sweden. The company initially made Men’s suits with a modern-twist while perfectly fitting their customers’ needs. Wars, deaths, and entries into new markets were proven cumbersome for the Tiger of Sweden until […]

Guess who’s back?


  The bold and beautiful Miista Debora’s are back, and they’re stronger than ever! This season the high-heeled bootie has returned with its signature ombre lucite heel in aqua blue, with a subtle navy autumn garden pattern going from the arch of the foot to the ankle. She brought company by the name of Zoe in […]

We love the Danes!

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Danish design is known for its minimalist aesthetic, functionalism, and innovation. AA Copenhagen takes these traits and perfectly executes them. Their shoes are beautifully crafted with care, and are made with high quality materials that are meant to last a long time. Even though you may highly appreciate their shoes, don’t think that you can […]

You look good for 100 years old.

WBSW00913 1000M_Centenial Brown

Wolverine 1000 Mile boots are celebrating their centennial birthday this year, and we want to join in on the party! This legendary brand epitomizes the true form of Americana. The brand was originated in 1883 in Rockford, Michigan by G.A. Krause and the brand was under the name Wolverine World Wide (WWW).  Krause found an opportunity in producing […]

School is now in session!


Well kids, your summer vacation has been officially over for a couple weeks now and its now time to strap down and get serious. It’s time to retire that beach bag you’ve been trying to use as a backpack. We had a beautiful summer filled with bonfires at the beach, watching Mean Girls in Stanley […]

Long weekend travel ideas!


Ladies and gentlemen it is officially the long weekend! Many of you will go camp in the forest, others will soak up the sun on sandy beaches, and some will explore foreign cities. If you’re left staring at your closet wondering what shoes to take on your adventure we have 4 suggestions for you.   The nature […]

Sully Wong now at Rowan Sky

SW logo

There is a brand new addition to our store and we’re super excited to give you a taste! The Toronto-based brand Sully Wong offers shoes and backpacks with a fusion of Canadian and Asian influence, which seems to be a combination trending in Vancouver. The new SWJ NYLO HI III is a super cool sneaker for anyone who’s […]

Pull Up Your Socks!


We have a new addition to the Rowan Sky family, and it goes by the name of InStance Socks. The brand was originally founded in 2010 in San Clemente, California, and since then their socks have been adding an extra kick, and bold expression to any boring outfit. Patterns like camouflage, two-toned tie-dye, and kaleidoscope are just […]

O Canada


Canada day is upon us and with this comes the red and white pride flowing through our veins, our sorrys are sincere, and we reaffirm to our American friends that we won the Olympic Gold medal in Men’s and Women’s hockey. But what makes us Canadians? Our loonies-twoonies? Love for Bacon? Self-deprecation? Or how we […]



If you appreciate art and like getting to know what is going on with art scene in this city, you have to check out Douglas Coupland’s solo exhibition at Vancouver Art Gallery called everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything. The local novelist/essayist/artist is showcasing some of his best work, and pop culture’s reflection on society. Coupland shows our […]

Introducing: Jessica Jensen


This spring saw a few new brands come to Rowan Sky, such as Coclico shoes and Wolf Circus jewellery. This week brought another new brand to our Gastown shop – Canadian brand Jessica Jensen bags. Having moved to Toronto in 1997 to study fashion at Ryerson University, Jessica spent more than 10 years designing and […]

Wolf Circus Now at Rowan Sky


Adding to our growing list of local brands, Wolf Circus can now be found at Rowan Sky! Designed by local artist Fiona Morrison, the collection is inspired in part by the confidence it brings the wearer. Started in 2011 while Fiona was a university student, she came up with the name based on a wolf […]

Made in Spain


One of the questions we are asked most often in the store is “Where are your shoes made?”. Because we carry so many brands, this is quite the loaded question and can be hard to give a quick answer to. To help answer this, today I have for you four different brands that are all […]

A Nice Day for a Wedding Blog Post

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The sun has been peeking its shy eyes out from behind the clouds, cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Vancouver, and the birds and the bees are starting to make an appearance again. All of this combines to let you know that wedding season is about to be in full swing! Over the last […]

BÖ(w) Ties Are Cool


Vancouver is so talented that sometimes it blows my mind what comes from our locals. Here at Rowan Sky, we are lucky enough to carry some local brands in-store from some of these very talented individuals. One that joined us just before Christmas, and is currently exclusive in Vancouver to Rowan Sky, is BÖ by Mansouri. […]

The Perfect Pump


Most women spend hours upon days searching for the right pump. Something with more than a kitten heel, but not so tall that she feels that she is about to topple over like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. She wants to look great, but also feel great. There’s nothing less appealing than a pump that […]

Cassandra Verity Green Collaborates with MIISTA!


The Central Saint Martins graduate show is renowned as a spectacle. Of the designers shining the brightest last year, Cassandra Verity Green and her aquatic collection are the first to spring into mind. Her collection Neptune’s Daughter was bright, full of colour. It was sweet and girly while being unique and unexpected – it was Measured […]

Brooks Bags for your Basics and Beyond

Brooks England came to be in 1883, first creating leather goods and moving into leather bicycle saddles. Today, Brooks has an extensive product line including bicycle saddles, cycle parts, clothing, and bags. A favourite bag brand among cyclists for their ingenious designs, which strap across the chest to keep them from moving around too much […]

What’s New?


With the craziness of the holiday season over, it’s time to get back to our regular scheduled programming lives. With the beginning of a new year, many are excited for a fresh start – for a year that is still blank and waiting to be shaped and moulded any way you desire, and for a fresh start […]

Meet Bellroy, Your Back’s New BFF

Bellroy Logo

Have you heard of hip pocket syndrome? How about wallet sciatica? Maybe you’re scratching your head right now, ready to pop over to Google and check those out… just as soon as you adjust your wallet because it’s so uncomfortable to sit on. STOP – take that wallet out of your pocket now! Sitting on a wallet, […]

Shop in Shop is Back!

AU-SIS-Front View

Our twice-yearly Shop-in-Shop with Aunts & Uncles is back! While we always have a selection of these well crafted bags in the store, from now until December 23rd you can find almost the entire collection in a wide range of colours in-store. If you have someone on your list you struggle to shop for, who […]

Excuse Me Miista


I had started to type up a blog full of facts about Miista, such as how they were founded in 2010 by Laura Villasenin. But the great thing about Miista is the personality in each pair of shoes, the bold colours, the unexpected details. The best thing about the brand isn’t that they are based in London […]

Meet the Designer: Matt Bernson


Matt Bernson probably didn’t realize that the day he brought home a pair of shoes he bought in India for his now-wife would be a day that changed his life. They were a pair of sandals, beautifully crafted, and the joy they brought her was evident from the look on her face. At the time […]

Boots – Do or Don’t


Boot season is the best season, and in a city like ours it can literally last all year. That being said, Fall has reached its peak and winter is just around the bend. What better time than now to invest in a new pair? Boot shopping isn’t easy, and the bigger challenge can be wearing […]

Wish on a (Dark) Star

Biko Cover Blog

If you aren’t familiar with the Toronto-based jewellery brand Biko, you are missing out. Toronto native Corrine Anestopoulos brought Biko to life in 2004 after a childhood spent making friendship bracelets that were constantly being raided by her friends. Corrine is inspired by priceless heirlooms, foreign travel, and warm sunny days; she takes memories of the […]

The Boot That Built America


Where do we even start? When it comes to Wolverines, we have a soft spot.  That being said, “a thousand miles of wear” sounds anything but delicate. Born and bred in Rockford, Michigan, the Wolverine Thousand Mile has a history that dates back as early as 1883. As one of the first nationally advertised footwear […]

Laced Up Looks


‘A new season, a new style’ – that’s today’s motto, as we take a look at our top trending lace up boots for fall and winter.  We’ll start with a brand that stirs up a bit of nostalgia. The Canadian made Cougar Pillow boot is a blast from the past. Some will remember this classic […]

Snug as a Bug in Padraigs


We pay special attention to what goes on our feet when we leave the house, especially in the fall/winter. Our shoes must withstand the rain (especially here in Vancouver!), keep our feet nice and warm (but not too hot), and of course look amazing… (but not like we are trying too hard). At the end […]

The Blunnies are Back in Town


You’ve seen them before… they’ve been around for over a century. Dating back to 1870 (to be exact) the tried and true Blundstone boot is anything but unrecognizable. The  sleek profile and playful aesthetic to this traditional gored pull-on is simply perfect. It’s no mystery why they’re turning up everywhere this side of the equator. The […]

You Could Use A Wax


It’s finally fall, our favourite season. The slow and steady temperature transition brings out the best in cozy attire, and Autumn leaves are another reminder of the dreary days to come. With the rain well on its way, some fret the morning commute. Lugging around bags filled with important papers and techno-gadgets in a downpour can […]

Word, Man.


A new era has dawned upon us; the era of convenience. The era of minimalism. The era of practicality. Maybe this is an overstatement..but now more than ever, less is more. At least in terms of food, fashion, style, home decor, the list goes on. Speaking of lists.. We’ve also jumped aboard the bandwagon of […]

Suede Your Vote


Living in a city as damp as Vancouver, it is obvious why we fear the famous five letter fabric;  S U E D E. I find it funny that most are afraid of the maintenance that comes along with a new pair, but to the contrary, suede has come a long way since its earlier […]

A Boot Breakdown

Boots Blog Header

Here in Vancouver we had gotten so used to the sunny, rain free summer days that when all that rain poked its head back into our lives we panicked a little and went running with open arms to our closets in search of our favourite boots. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones who […]

Back-To-School Special


Continuing on with our Back-To-School Bliss, we’ve pulled a few top picks in Fall Footwear. Starting up the school year all over again can take a bit of time management. With early morning alarm clocks and after-class commitments, it’s hard to spend more than 30 seconds deciding what to wear; I usually go for the […]



It’s totally time to do the deed- Back to School Bliss has begun! There’s only a few short weeks left until school resumes and it seems to be the perfect time to shop for a new companion. We all know the importance of a great bag, especially when it comes to lugging around a stack […]

Your Favourite Family


They’re finally here! All the way from Germany, the Aunts and Uncles are back for a visit, and we’re SO excited to see them School is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than bringing in this fabulous family of leather goods to get us geared up for Fall.  From Grandma’s Luxury […]



Hipster this, hipster that, hipster glasses, hipster socks, hipster kicks and hipster hair; Hipster Everything. Some take offence while some strive for the title, but in my opinion, a look that started off as a fad has nearly evolved into a way of life.  Maybe we’ve been tossing this term around a little too loosely, […]

D.I.Y Decor


Got a great pair of old shoes you just can’t seem to part with? We know the feeling; its hard to say goodbye to a sole full of memories. So why not try something new? Our little friends at Rowan Sky are still going strong, and for a girl with not tinge of green to […]

Espa-Drill Ya


With the comfort of canvas, a classic rope sole, and a wide range of styles to choose from, Espadrilles are a summer staple in the shoe department. But did you know that your sweet little slip-ons have a story of their own that dates back long before the days of fashion and style? Last month, […]

Oh Canada, We Love You


  Raise a Glass, As This Weekend We Cheers To the Greatest Nation on Earth! The birthplace of Maple Syrup, Snow Shoes, Poutine, Back Bacon, Terry Fox, Boston Pizza, Ice Hockey, Ketchup Chips, Toques, The Tragically Hip, The Majestic Loon, Roll-Up-The-Rim, Common Courtesy, Great Beer, Canadian Tire, Paul Anka,  Smarties, Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh, Territories, Birch Trees, Girl Guide Cookies, Totem Poles, Niagara Falls, Beaver Pelts , The Hudson Bay Company, Toonies, Loonies, and the late […]

Jet Set Summer


It’s finally our favourite time of the year; school’s out, maps are marked and flights are booked! All there is left to do is to pack your bags and take off to summer destinations far and wide. Whether you’re off exploring Europe, road tripping with friends, or simply taking the scenic route up to the […]

Isn’t It Ironic…


Although none of the lyrics of this classic Alanis Morisette song accurately define the term irony, today’s forecast sure does. While our calendar clearly states that today is the ‘First Day Of Summer’, an overcast of grey is really dulling my mood. I pictured poolside sangrias, sun kissed shoulders, wrinkled foreheads from blinding rays;  and what do we get? […]

Peach Perfect


Looking for the perfect summer sandal? Something with lightweight comfort, a pop of colour, and a little lift..all in one?  Our matchmaking skills have something in mind. The Ash Divina is a gorgeous take on a heeled sandal. This sexy shoe has a 13cm heel, balanced out by a 4cm platform, making for a comfortable […]

Fatherly Finds


“Father knows best”. That old familiar phrase seems to creep up on us every now and again. We’ve got to hand it to Dad for his always reliable words of wisdom ..This time of year in particular, it’s tough to squeeze all of our thanks into one special Sunday afternoon (June 16th ps!) . But […]

The Savvy Cyclist


Biking in Vancouver is one thing; looking good while doing it is a whole other story… One thing we can all agree on, is that it doesn’t take much to smarten up your style for all of the sunny days spent on the seawall. Here’s a few of our top picks this season – see […]

The Gents List


The rays are back and Spring is definitely starting out with a burst of sunshine! At Rowan Sky, we’ve been stocking up on the latest items to keep you  on top of the trend spectrum this season. Start of with a pair of statement shades; Illesteeva Sunglasses are Handcrafted in France, and have a top-notch tinted lens. […]

Spring Hit List


“April Showers bring May Flowers”.. but there’s definitely a few disadvantages to the drizzly weather we tend to encounter with the change of season. Luckily we’re well prepared to conquer the rain and keep you looking great! It makes sense to start with a decent umbrella; Blunt Umbrellas come in a range of fun, bright colours, different […]