Otter Wax Boot Wax


Our all-purpose Beeswax and Lanolin waterproofing treatment is the best way to waterproof your leather. This heavy-duty sealing wax goes on thick and provides a long-lasting protective seal (Exceptionally good at sealing seams on hiking boots!). Beeswax is one of nature’s most useful products. It is a hydrating ingredient that increases moisture retention of leather, and hydrated leather naturally repels water and stains. Lanolin comes from the wool of sheep and in the same way that it protects sheep from the harsh effects of the environment, it helps protect leather by sealing in moisture while repelling water and stains.

all-natural leather sealant
protects & conditions leather
prevents water leaks & stains
safe to use on all types of leather
100% natural ingredients: no animal fats, no chemicals, no petroleum
handmade in portland, Oregon

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